The Guild

Named for craftsmen associations of the past, this super slick new hotspot in Keong Saik Road represents everything we love at Off Orchard. The handcrafted theme runs deep here, from the culinary offerings, to the excellent craft beer menu to the warm and personalised service.

Recently opened by Hong Kong’s highest rated and largest independent craft brewery, The Guild is one of our favourite new additions to the Keong Saik strip.

Chef Vincent Lauria serves up homemade comfort food paired with a comprehensive drinks menu featuring independent craft beer, cocktails, and all-natural wines. Everything here is locally-sourced, with priority given to sourcing ingredients from small-scale, artisanal producers including brewers, farmers, distillers, wine-makers.

The drinks list is extensive and includes 19 different taps of independent craft beer, natural wines and cocktails based on small batch spirits.

The food is good. Its hard to pin-point the cuisine but the vibe kind of leans towards American/Hong Kong, with menu highlights including General Tso’s Frog Legs, Salt and Vinegar Fries and Buffalo Wings with fuyu peppercorn ranch.

This is a solid spot for an evening with close buddies for a great chat over quality drinks and delicious grub!