Don't doubt the macerated grasshoppers and crunchy ant garnishings on the menu - this place is cool. These guys are nailing a unique concept on the city's quietly sky-rocketing laneway craft cocktail scene.

The theme here is locally sourced – and it runs deep. From the bar staff’s aprons to the banana leaf coasters, to the home-grown beats to the regionally sourced scents. Everything is from the region and features the freshest kind of produce available.

Back to the ants. The menu here is a talking point alone and the conconctions being mixed up are certainly not ones you’ll find in the many other American speakeasy type bars that are all the rage right now around the city. Native is carving out its own space with interesting mixes – that totally work – using some pretty cray ingredients. Thai rum with aged sugarcane, tapioca and soursop topped with ants on a frozen basil leaf. Don’t judge til you try it.

The bar staff here add to the raw, passionate edge about this place – they are passionate and knowledgeable and make a couple of hours at the bar a really enjoyable experience.


52A Amoy Street, Singapore 069878
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Hours: Mondays - Saturdays: 6pm - midnight

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