Dance inspiring purpose

Danspire’s founder Vincent Yong believes everything begins from the heart, be it learning, growing or healing.

With 17 years of international experience in creating movement poetry, Danspire focuses on purposeful practise and mindful moving and is an experience unlike any you would have had before. The range of classes is incredibly diverse, catering to fitness, to expression, to movement and therapy.

Vincent describes the experience as awakening inspiration through the interaction of the mind and dance – “if inspiration has a body and can be described, it would be in the form of a resonance, an “Ah-HA!” vibrating in an awakening manner within each cell of its body”. This powerful and profound experience strings feelings, sensations, emotions, past, presence and the possibilities into a moment that liberates your mind and body and re-connects to the soul.

Vincent’s classes are an incredible experience and one of the best hidden gems in mind and body wellness in Singapore.

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