Culina Bistro

Culina's Bistro in Dempsey Hill showcases a mouth-watering array of epicurean delights, and is also a destination to sample their quality meat and seafood in a restaurant setting.

How does it work? Sample fresh oysters, cheese and charcuterie to start. For main course, choose your favourite cut of premium quality meat or seafood at the counter and have it cooked and served at the Bistro. The Bistro also offers an edited selection of well-priced wines by the glass, as well as wines from more than 30 prestigious wineries worldwide.

While you wait for your order to be cooked, browse the gourmet foodstore attached to the restaurant and fill up a basket to take home.

While we walked in without a booking on a Friday night, the place was heaving, and we were probably lucky to snare a table. If you’re serious about dining here, make a reservation to be safe. The Culina steaks are well worth savouring.

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