Chef’s Table

Incredible gem tucked away in Tanjong Pajar where the menu changes daily based on the table's gastronomic preferences and freshest produce of the day.

Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan Zoisl is an incredible gem tucked away in Tanjong Pajar. The restaurant showcases the best seasonal ingredients through daily changing degustation (omakase) menus.

Chef’s Table offers a unique proposition to diners. Every day, a selection of 28 key ingredients are chosen and presented to diners as the chosen daily produce.

Guests can simply cross out produce they don’t like or don’t feel like eating that day. Chef Stephan and his team then take the feedback into consideration, including any dietary restriction – or option for vegetarian or vegan.

‘It’s our goal to not serve our guests the exact dish twice – no signature dishes, no repetition.’

Beyond cool.

+65 6224 4188
61 Tras St, Singapore 079000

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